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I recently received my Google AdSense cheque in the mail which is always a great treat. I obviously wanted to cash it in as soon as possible so I headed to the local Standard Bank at Somerset West Mall. After waiting in line for a bit I got to the clerk and filled out a deposit slip as I usually do. He looked at the bank drafted cheque sent from Google and stated that they would no longer be accepting these in the future.

This was quite a surprise as Google is quite a reputable company and I can’t see them defaulting on their cheques. I asked him why but he couldn’t give me an answer, he said the new policy will come into action on the 20th July 2013 and I must find out if they can pay out using a different method.

This is a serious issue because Google AdSense can only payout to South Africans via cheque, there are no other payment options listed in the management section. I’ve opened a support thread with Google asking if there are any other payment options available and given the reasons why, lets see what happens there. However, I can’t see Google changing their payment options just because of Standard Banks new policy.

I’m not sure if the other banks are taking on this new policy, if not I will most likely have to change to ABSA or First National. Regardless it’s going to be very inconvenient to get sorted out. If anyone knows why they are changing their policy just drop a comment below.

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  1. Try Nedbank – as far as I know no issue there as a client of mine just received a nice big cheque. Also Standard Bank depends on the teller facing you. You could always try another bank to see if you get the same reaction. I know someone who gets grief from time to time at SB but she just goes to another bank to do it.

  2. Also had the problem with Capitec – understandably – because they do not have the system or something yet to process checks from abroad. Opened a FNB savings account and no problems! Only have a 7 day waiting period. Standard Bank is full of crap – how can you not accept citibank checks from Google Adsense – ridiculous!!

  3. thanks guys, FNB is quite good and innovative they do accept Adsense checks last time I checked and Nedbank was Ok too but David is right it usually depends on the teller you are a dealing with

  4. Ho – I am resolving this with Standerbank Right NOW. I have called Emiele Esterhuizen from PASA to clarify. I think this is a workshop issue with Standard bank and not understanding the legislation. Im on the phone the whole morning so Standard Bank can wake up a little more.

    Here is an email I sent to Emiele from PASA to help send a notice to resolve this issue.

    Hi Eziele / PASA

    Thank you for taking my call earlier this morning. I bank with Standard Bank and they refused my cheque from Google Adsense and the cheque was from Ireland. It seems there is a misunderstanding of the new legislation that NO INTERNATIONAL cheques can be accepted within the SADC or CMA. But it is my understanding that only payments within the SADC and CMA is affected by this now legislation. – Via our telephone conversation this was confirmed payments outside the SADC and CMA is accepted. Payments referring to Cross Border Cheques, Rand Travellers Cheques and Rand Drafts.

    Please can you communicate with other banks that payments like cheques from countries outside the SADC and CMA is accepted. This might be as simple as communication within the banks and interpretation of the correspondence.

    Thank you for clearing this up.


  5. Hi Ian.
    I experienced the exact same issue today, at the Standard Bank branch in Clearwater Mall, whereby the teller told me about their new policy..

    Really, how can Standard Bank NOT want this type of business!

  6. Got another adsense cheque, wow what a mission to get it in. The story is this – The tellers have been informed not to accept bank drafted cheques from international banks (Not a single one). How I got round this is I spoke to the branch manager and explained the situation (Google can’t payout any other way to SA adsense clients). He said no problem and told the teller to put it through.

    I have a feeling I’m going to have to do this every time now :/

  7. Hi

    Standardbank bluntly told me that ALL the big four banks have decided not to take cheques from foreign countries.

    Sorry to say but it appears it is a blatant lie to try to keep you with them and not to go to another banking institution. I think this is rather “below the belt”.

    I was told that it was some banking committee of the BIG FOUR banks that made this decision. What a load of donkey droppings…

    I will try FNB and see if they do…

  8. Hi Andre, just speak to the branch manager and explain the situation and you should be able to cash it in. Waiting for my next cheque to see if I will have to do this every time.

  9. I am overseas and I normally get someone to do my deposits twice a year. The first time they would not accept the cheques about 2 years ago which was a major issue with the FICA rules or something. Finally got that sorted with Nedbank after numerous calls which cost me more than the cheque was worth. I am somewhat bothered by this new rule again with not accepting the cheques as it is foreign. The country is really going backwards. If there is anyone with updated news then please post it here so that others can see what the lay of the land is as I have to make my deposit next month again.

  10. So I phoned citibank in Johannesburg.
    The story that Standardbank is spinning is a load of nonsense.

    Aparently the block on cheques is only cheques from SADEC countrues. Tellers are confused and blocking cheques from all countries including IRELAND (Google).

    They have adviced me to go to the manager and ask that they phone citibank for clarance on the cheque if needs be. There ar eno laws to prohibit them taking the cheque from CITIBANK.

    So I guess I will have to be visiting my bank manager.

    BTW if they need it… Citibank is Joburg code 011 tel 944 1000

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