Auto Play Facebook Ads, No Thanks

Facebook Auto Ads

Rumor has it (here’s one), Facebook are planning on launching a bold new ad campaign which focuses around 15 second auto play video ads on the side of your news feed. Just to clear a few things up, this is NOT concrete yet but my guess is it will be put into action and quite soon (ZA Winter).

There’s nothing I find more irritating and invasive than auto play video ads on any webpage, and I’ll tell you why. Sometimes I just have to open a bunch of browser tabs for different websites and if there’s just one with auto play ads, it can be incredibly frustrating to find and stop. Also my speakers are normally cranked up past 11 so once that ads starts playing it’s an unwanted assault on my ears.

The stats might show auto play ads are effective in turning conversions but in my mind they are Ad SPAM as you’re not asking to hear their sales pitch and catchy jingles, almost identical to email SPAM.

Why is Facebook moving in this direction? Well, for the same reason most sites pollute their space with invasive ads, for ad revenue of course. Facebook is estimated to make around $4 million per day with this new ad campaign and who could blame them when you see how volatile their stock prices have been recently.

However, this is a dangerous game they are playing at as more users could loose interest and move on to Google+ or other rising social networks. According to the latest stats, South Africans are moving away from Facebook at a rapid rate.

South African Facebook Users Stats 2013

South African Facebook Users Stats April 2013 –

As you can see quite a decrease in users for one month but stats can be misleading. Facebook could be on it’s last legs and most online professionals are looking for new mediums to connect socially with their audience, I know I am. I’m interested to see what the effects will be if/when this new ad campaign comes into play.

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