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I’ve just signed up to SaneBox after reading a pretty convincing email. What does SaneBox do? Well it’s quite similar to Google’s priority mail feature but does it a lot better, with a lot more accuracy. It works will all mailboxes (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail etc.) and there’s no need to do any advanced setup, works straight out the box.

It takes about 1 minute to sign up and all you have to do is add your email account. SaneBox will then work it’s magic, filtering out all those useless emails and senders. What’s awesome is when SaneBox is finished scanning your mailbox you’ll get a email detailing how many useless emails you have and which people you should be best friends with.


As you can see from the image, 44% of my emails are considered unworthy of my attention and I now have 9 more people to try make friends with. All the emails SaneBox thinks aren’t important are moved to the SaneLater folder for later reading and/or deletion.

Email management doesn’t stop there, you can have more folders for different priority emails such as SaneTop, which are your most important emails. Something I do like is the SaneBlackHole, sounds pretty brutal and it is. If you drag an email to the SaneBlackHole folder you will NEVER hear from them again. I’m not sure how it’s different to SPAM blocking but it’s a cool name for a folder nonetheless.

One of the issues I can see people questioning is security, as your entire mailbox is scanned and tagged based on a set of magic criteria. I don’t really think it’s an issue as you’re behind SSL and I’m confident they have protocols in-place to prevent  unwanted eyes reading your emails.

It’s Not Free

Sadly SaneBox is not free but at the time of writing they’re offering a 14 day free trial. After 2 weeks it becomes insanely expensive at $2 a month, billed bi-annually, the injustice. Well those are my thoughts on SaneBox, pretty good idea and if you want to read up on all the features head over here as I only touched the surface.

You can get $5 free credit by signing up through this link. If you’re only monitoring 1 mailbox that’s more than 2 months free usage, not bad at all.

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