Standard Bank Not Accepting AdSense Cheques


I recently received my Google AdSense cheque in the mail which is always a great treat. I obviously wanted to cash it in as soon as possible so I headed to the local Standard Bank at Somerset West Mall. After waiting in line for a bit I got to the clerk and filled out a deposit slip as I usually do. He looked at the bank drafted cheque sent from Google and stated that they would no longer be … [Read more...]

Auto Play Facebook Ads, No Thanks

Facebook Auto Ads

Rumor has it (here's one), Facebook are planning on launching a bold new ad campaign which focuses around 15 second auto play video ads on the side of your news feed. Just to clear a few things up, this is NOT concrete yet but my guess is it will be put into action and quite soon (ZA Winter). There's nothing I find more irritating and invasive than auto play video ads on any webpage, and I'll … [Read more...]