South African Affiliate Marketing Agencies


If you’re into affiliate marketing then you already have your own list of agencies you prefer. Seeing as most of my sites are South African based I have to deal with agencies that offer regional programs based here in SA. So that’s why I made this post, to share the South African affiliate agencies I know and deal with on a regular basis.


The new affiliate agency to pop up in South Africa, so new they recently celebrated their 1st birthday (official blog post). I’ve been with AdMarula for about 6 months now and I can honestly say they provide a excellent service. Their affiliate managers are on the ball and you never wait long to hear back from them.

They have a fair amount of offers to promote covering a wide range of niches. The one thing that irritates me is you have to be manually accepted (by the company) for every program you would like to promote, and this can take time. You also can’t view the commission amounts per program until you have been accepted which doesn’t make sense to me at all.

Payouts are made on the 20th every month but there’s a 2 month lag (60 day cycle) so all the commissions you make in June will be in your account on August 20th. - Sign up


The first affiliate company I joined when started doing online marketing and it’s with OfferForge I make the most with per month. They have a good selection of CPL offers that payout quite nicely but what I really like about them is most campaigns allow you to use $POST & $GET to drive leads through.

Their affiliate support could however be a lot better, I have waited a good week to hear back from them regarding payments and tracking issues. OfferForge also pays on a 60 day cycle but don’t be surprised if it takes a little longer. - Sign Up


I have an account with TrafficSynergy but haven’t promoted many of their campaigns. Something about their campaigns don’t really appeal to me and their terms and conditions per campaign are extensive.

TrafficSynergy seem to be the greediest as I often see the same campaigns running across multiple networks and TrafficSynergy seems to always pay the least. - Sign up


I’ve tried signing up to OfferPond multiple times but I’ve never heard back from them, not a single email. Saying that I can’t really make any comments on their operation. If you’ve worked with them or know if the company is still running let me know in the comments section. - Sign up


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