Standard Bank Not Accepting AdSense Cheques


I recently received my Google AdSense cheque in the mail which is always a great treat. I obviously wanted to cash it in as soon as possible so I headed to the local Standard Bank at Somerset West Mall. After waiting in line for a bit I got to the clerk and filled out a deposit slip as I usually do. He looked at the bank drafted cheque sent from Google and stated that they would no longer be … [Read more...]

Auto Play Facebook Ads, No Thanks

Facebook Auto Ads

Rumor has it (here's one), Facebook are planning on launching a bold new ad campaign which focuses around 15 second auto play video ads on the side of your news feed. Just to clear a few things up, this is NOT concrete yet but my guess is it will be put into action and quite soon (ZA Winter). There's nothing I find more irritating and invasive than auto play video ads on any webpage, and I'll … [Read more...]

SaneBox, Saving You Minutes With Email


I've just signed up to SaneBox after reading a pretty convincing email. What does SaneBox do? Well it's quite similar to Google's priority mail feature but does it a lot better, with a lot more accuracy. It works will all mailboxes (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail etc.) and there's no need to do any advanced setup, works straight out the box. It takes about 1 minute to sign up and all … [Read more...]